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The content of the data includes
1.Contains all Thai stock exchanges
2.You can understand all the company’s sales, net profit and main operating business information.
3.Separated by business size, large, medium, small and separated by color, easy to find.
Differences from the previous version・Main features are
1.TCC Group has successively been listed on a large scale (Thailand Holdings, Southeast Insurance Company listed)
2.The number of listed companies in the Second Department of Thailand is increasing. There are currently 169 companies.
3.In the real estate industry, the number of Thai companies in joint ventures with Japanese companies is increasing. Including Chinese companies.
4.The number of active companies in rural Thailand is increasing.
5.The number of listings of medical and beauty related companies has increased, etc.

Singapore’s listed companies perfect master,Indonesia’s listed companies perfect master,Malaysia’s listed companies perfect master
Philippines’s listed companies perfect master Two markets in Vietnam will be produced later

Thailand’s listed companies perfect master
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Thailand’s listed companies perfect master

Philippines’s listed companies perfect master

Singapore’s listed companies perfect master

Malaysia’s listed companies perfect master

Indonesia’s listed companies perfect master

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